Politics Rundown: California improves internet access

By: Dalet Valles and Phoebe Vrable Published By: The Chimes Newspaper In July, the California legislature passed a bill to improve internet access and Gov. Gavin Newsom signed it into law. The estimated budget for the high-speed internet to be implemented is $3.25 billion, with a total budget of $6 billion. San Diego hosted a ceremony forContinue reading “Politics Rundown: California improves internet access”

Does the church follow the latest web design trend?

By: Dalet Valles The world of technology is rapidly changing with new advancements every day. The church, however, attempts to stay center, though it has been following changes to keep up with trends. Churches all around have sought out connections through online platforms — social media, YouTube and even their own websites. Some have theContinue reading “Does the church follow the latest web design trend?”

Climate Change Challenge Certain Communities

Climate change is an ever-changing issue that affects the entire world, yet, it finds a way to narrow down to certain communities. The well-being of many is being attacked by dirty air, but it has become more evident in targeted communities. Air Pollution in Minority Communities Minority communities have been targets of unhealthy air forContinue reading “Climate Change Challenge Certain Communities”

The Power of Word: Biola’s Lenten Journey through the Psalms

By: Dalet Valles Published by: Biola News – Pressroom LA MIRADA, CALIF. — Biola University’s Center for Christianity, Culture, and the Arts is hosting its 2022 Lent Project, a free online daily devotional incorporating art, poetry and music. Centered on the book of Psalms this year, a new devotional is released daily starting on Ash Wednesday, March 2Continue reading “The Power of Word: Biola’s Lenten Journey through the Psalms”