As a journalism student, I am required to take multimedia courses in order to get a well-rounded experience. This is one step closer to becoming a multimedia journalist. On this page, I will showcase my progress with media, including photography and videography.

A video project for one of my media classes. The goal was to recreate Biola University’s All As One video, which is utilized to attract and inform potential students. Biola is a community that becomes one, showcased in this project in the best way possible.

For my Digital Technology and Social Strategies for Media (JOUR 306), I worked on a news package with my peer, Stephanie Guevara. I contributed with most visuals and piecing the video together while Guevara worked on the voice over and b-roll. The project covered the topic of political polarization in the United States. Check it out!

In this project, I had to address a problem in journalism. I chose to do it on clickbait and yellow journalism. The following is research and solutions.